July 27, 2006 - 7:26 AM

My little girl, no longer my baby. I realized that last night when I went to put you down for sleep & you spent an hour playing with your Daddy & I! You were laughing, poking at puppy, kicking your legs, rolling over & just having such a good time.

Today we leave for Vernon where your Daddy has a job interview. I wonder what is in our future. I think we could have so much more fun there, but it is a little scary for us as we don't know about money & other adult worries. =)

You and I went to the Abitibi Company barbeque (where your Mom & Dad work) on sunday. You ate your blueberries, tried some of my burger & smiled at all the people. We went home so you could have a nap (it was SO hot there that day) and when we came back they were drawing for prizes. You won your very first bike! A cute little pink thing that has tassles on the handle bars & training wheels. It will be quite awhile before you can ride it but I will take a picture of you on it for fun.

I guess I should go & get packed, I hope this trip won't be too hard on you...it is a long drive to Nanaimo to see the grandparents.

I love you!

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